At Blink we are building an ocular healthcare platform into a pair of glasses that bring doctors and patients together in order to preserve their vision

 Joshua Park, CEO

An Ocular Opportunity

The problem of limited knowledge. In the healthcare world today, a typical optometrist sees their patients once a year, allowing for limited scope and vision into the patient's ocular health. Capturing only a moment of time in the eye's health, most eye conditions go untreated or treated inefficiently. 


of 40-80 yr olds are diagnosed with glaucoma [1]


of 10,000 adults surveyed reported eye strain symptoms [2]


of US healthcare budget goes towards glaucoma [3]

our mission

AI-Based Vision Preservation

With the mission of vision preservation in mind, Blink has built a continuous ocular healthcare platform that allows individuals to track their eye health and overall wellness.

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In a single pair of glasses, we deliver continuous eye health data with over a million more data points than current practices, pledging towards early diagnosis and smart disease management.

Looking Ahead

Q3 2023

TrueScreenTime™MyopiaAmblyopia ComplianceOutdoor Time

Q2 2024

Intraocular Pressure ConjunctivitisInflammationRedness/AllergiesEye PigmentationTear Film BreakupBleb Monitoring

Q4 2025

Kidney DiseaseBlood PressureMonitoring for 20+ additional diseases

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The future of ocular health.

Blink is the only wearable technology that provides consistent scanning, monitoring, and remote sensing of your eye’s surface for improved eye health and overall wellness for the patient.

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